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Always... with all our passion

Our history

The history of our company begins with grandfather Luigi (born in 1913), who passed on to us the passion for the vineyard, subsequently father Lino transformed this dedication into work. In fact, it is to them that we dedicate two of our wines: Bianco 19.13 and Rosso PROTETTO .

When they both passed away, they left their cultural legacy to their son Giovanni and grandson Andrea, who manage the company with the same passion and determination.

Grape producers for three generations; since 2019 we have started vinifying our product with maximum attention to the raw material. At the basis of our production is respect and consideration for the territory in which our vines grow.

The "CASA TIONE" logo has been known since the birth of our company, which is why we decided to keep it unchanged, especially in memory of those who contributed to the realization of this project and of those who lived in this place.

Our cellar is located in the Tione river valley, between the morainic hills of SANTA LUCIA AI MONTI and CUSTOZA ; area of historic battles of independence of our nation.

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